We have set our goals to:
  • To simplify and enrich collaboration and communication for all students and teachers.
  • To have one specific core tool set to remove current system/email/calendar redundancy & confusion.
  • Anywhere, anytime, any device access.
Notes to remember:
  • G-Suite Mail is not like regular GMail. There is no advertising or data mining of the email by Google.
  • Staff are to use their you@nlesd.ca address. This G-Suite account will be used to access to Docs, Calendars, Contacts, Groups, etc.
  • Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Skype for Business will continue to be licensed and available to all users.
  • All former email systems - WNLSD, LSB, NCSD, ESDNL and NLESD will continue to be available to access historical content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find Frequently Asked Questions categorized through various topics. Click on the topic to view.

General Questions

What is G-Suite?
G-Suite is a core suite of applications that Google offers to schools and educational institutions.

These communication and collaboration apps include Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs and Sites, and also includes access to many more collaborative tools supported by Google.

These applications exists completely online (or in the cloud), meaning that all creations can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection.

G-Suite also includes a number of other applications that promote collaboration among students and with their teachers.

  • Google Docs: provides document editing tools to help you easily format text and paragraphs (similar to MS Word).
  • Google Sheets: spreadsheets for analyzing, visualizing, and charting data (similar to MS Excel).
  • Google Forms: quick & easy surveys to gather information.
  • Google Slides: a presentation tool that makes it easy to tell stories (similar to MS PowerPoint).
  • Google Drawings: Graphics and flowchart creation with shapes, text, and images.
Students can work together, in class or at home, to complete assignments and group projects. All of their work is auto-saved, and they can even edit without WiFi.

See the following for details: G-Suite

How is G-Suite different from a personal Google account?
If you already use a personal Google email and apps, here is what is different...
  • The District's G-Suite Apps are fully administered by the District.
  • A common District wide email system instead of just single gmail accounts.
  • Increased storage across Gmail and Drive.
  • Full account administration for all users.
  • Enhanced security and privacy features in core apps.
  • No advertising inside the core apps.
  • Shared access to Drive, Calendar, etc. for all District users.
  • Classroom App which is only available for G-Suite.
Will all staff be moved to Google?
Yes. G-Suite is for all District users including teaching staff and support staff.
Will the District be providing training for G-Suite?
Yes. The District will implement a train-the-trainer model, where a school designate will be provided face-to-face training for G-Suite. This person will be the school lead with regard to local training. School closeout days will also be available for teachers to participate in face-to-face training. Professional Learning opportunities with G-Suite will also be offered by Program Specialists both as school based training and during subject/grade level professional learning. Instructional material will also be posted to the web site for teachers to use.

Email Address

Will our email addresses remain the same?
Yes. For G-Suite, your primary email address is you@nlesd.ca.
Will we keep our @nlesdonline.ca address as well?
Yes, but only as an alias where mail from both accounts will be merged into the one G-Suite Mail account. However, mail sent to your @nlesdonline.ca account will continue to be delivered to your G-Suite Mail inbox, and items shared with your @nlesdonline.ca account will continue to be shared with you.
What happens to all my work under my @nlesdonline.ca account?
All of this data and information will still be available to you. Information you have created using your nlesdonline.ca account in Drive and Classroom, for instance, will not be lost. You should now be using your @nlesd.ca account, instead of your nlesdonline.ca account, and all your current data will be still be accessible.
How to resolve conflicting accounts with @nlesd.ca
As of August 8, 2016 the NL English School District officially added @nlesd.ca as the primary domain name as our organization account for all staff.

Prior to August 8, 2016, some NLESD staff may have created a personal Google account using the name format of username@nlesd.ca using the @nlesd.ca domain name.

This will create a conflict where a personal Google account and your District-created account could have the same username.

  • Example. Personal Account janedoe@nlesd.ca created by an employee and the school board created account janedoe@nlesdonline.ca that is now changed as of August 8, 2016 to janedoe@nlesd.ca for staff.
If this situation applies to you, you may receive an email communication or be prompted to resolve the conflict when you sign into Google after August 8, 2016. Note: The email is not spam but is a legit request to resolve the conflict.

This article https://support.google.com/a/answer/185186?hl=en on Google provides some straightforward information on resolving this situation. You will be prompted with a couple of options when you sign into Google. The simplest solution is to select the first option which renames your account to a Gmail address.

Note: You will automatically be prompted when signing into Google after August 8, 2016 if there is a conflict to be resolved. Otherwise, you can continue to access your account as normal.

Other Google Systems

I have a personal GMail account I use for school work, can I continue to use it at work?
You must migrate all work related activities to your District provided G-Suite account.
I have a school provided G-Suite account, can I continue to use it?
Yes, if the school continues to support the system you may use it. However you will need to use both accounts and this may be challenging for some users. The District provided G-Suite account will be used for District activities.

Previous Content

Will my Email, Calendar events and Contacts be migrated to Google?
The District will not be migrating this content forward for users. However, staff do have the option to migrate FirstClass Calendars and Contacts forward themselves if desired. Instructional procedures for this have been made available to staff.
Will I be able to use my FirstClass Web site?
Yes. However, all FirstClass websites must be migrated off of FirstClass during the 2017-2018 school year.
Will my website be migrated to Google?
No. FirstClass websites will not be migrated forward to Google. Websites will need to be recreated using Google Sites or using another tool such as Wix.com or Weebly.com.
What is happening to the old FirstClass and Exchange servers?
All former email systems - WNLSD, LSB, NCSD, ESDNL and NLESD will continue to be accessible. These systems can be accessed as you always have.

Office 365, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype for Business

How does this affect our use of Microsoft Office?
You will continue to have access to the same Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, etc.) as you do now. It will continue to be licensed for the District. G-Suite provides access to Google Docs, Sheets, etc. however you can continue to use Microsoft Office, if you choose.

Looking forward, our anticipation would be that staff and students begin to use G-Suite to take advantage of some of its powerful features. This would include the following:

  • Documents are easily accessible through a web interface so users can work on their documents from anywhere - "anywhere, anytime, any device access".
  • Ease of sharing and using of documents between users or across a group of users.

Technical Support

Will I be expected to contact Google with concerns/problems with the use of their applications?
No. Technical support for issues related to G-Suite will continue to come from our District support channels as they do for all of our applications (e.g. IT Helpdesk).


How secure is G-Suite?
Two of the most common questions regarding Google in general, and G-Suite specifically, deal with security and privacy.

From Google:

  • We take both security and privacy very seriously and truly believe that our offerings are a great option for teachers and students on both fronts. See the following for Details: Top Security FAQs.
  • Our business is built on our users' trust: trust in our ability to properly secure their data and our commitment to respect the privacy of the information they place in our systems by not giving that information to others or using it inappropriately.


Is my content private? Will items I create or upload to the system be automatically shared?
You have the option to share with others or keep content private. The system has both individual and shared areas. In the individual areas your content is private to you until you choose to share. If you place content in a shared area (such as a Google Classroom or Google Groups or Google Drive folder that is shared) the content will be shared with a group of people.
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