As a result of a variety of factors such as (but not limited to) new school construction, student population growth or decline, or a desire to ensure the best possible programming and service delivery for students in a given region, the Newfoundland and Labrador English School Board regularly undertakes school system reviews within the province.

Typically, the process includes consultation with school councils, administrators and the school communities and is guided by the District's School Review Policy (GOV-104).

Information about the process for each individual school system can be found at the links below.

Due to updates in our system, some web links contained in some of the PDF documentations listed in various memos in the reviews below may no longer work or be accessible. Please refer to this page and the corresponding review the memo link referenced.
All information is still available in each school review in our system. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

The resources listed below are to provide school community members with a complete package of information available through the school review process. Routinely during the consultation process, the District will ask school community members to review the latest information provided on the site to assist them in submitting feedback to the Board of Trustees.

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