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95 Elizabeth Avenue · St. John's, NL · A1B 1R6
Tel: (709) 758-2372 · Fax: (709) 758-2706

Sacred Heart Academy
Marystown, NL


Sacred Heart Academy
1 Columbia Drive
P.O. Box 79
Marystown, NL
A0E 2M0 · Canada

TEL: 709-279-2051
FAX: 709-279-4351
EMAIL: sacredheartacad@nlesd.ca
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Sacred Heart Academy is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment which enhances student achievement and encourages an active and healthy lifestyle in a collaborative school community.
L’école Sacré Coeur est consacré à fournir un environnement sécure et nourrissant qui augmente la réussite des étudiants et qui encourage un style de vie active et sain dans une communauté scolaire collaborative.

Dept ID: 220
Grade Level: K - 7
Start Time: 8:15 AM
Dismissal Time: 2:20 PM
Community: Marystown
Region of Province: Central
Bus Route(s): YES - VIEW ROUTES
School Report: YES - VIEW REPORT
Facebook: YES - VISIT SITE
YouTube Channel: YES - VISIT CHANNEL
Security Camera(s): YES
Accessible School: YES
French Immersion: NO
Enrollment (PS Data):
Principal: scot strang
Assistant Principal: joshua whittle
Secretary(s): Denise Molloy (On Leave), Julia Spencer
Guidance: Lindsey Power
Family of Schools (FOS): FOS 06
Director of Schools (DOS): donald perry
Student Services (DSS): Robyn Breen
Busing information for your school and location can be found below. Please visit the District's Busing infomation page for full information and access to the Busing Portal. For any student transportation related inquiries, requests, concerns or to report an incident, please complete the following Student Transportation Form for your region below and a District Representative will get back to you as soon as possible.
To report an Emergency or a Bus Service Delay, please call: (709) 256-2547 Ext. 238
For more information please refer to the Student Transportation/Busing page.

Scent Aware School
Sacred Heart Academy is a scent aware building. Some of our students and staff are sensitive to scented products or have conditions which are impacted by scents. We ask that you avoid the use of scented items including:
▪ perfumes
▪ aftershave
▪ cologne
▪ scented hairspray, hair gels or other styling products ▪ scented face and body creams, lotions and sprays
▪ scented deodorant

Allergy Aware School
Within our school community there are several students who have potentially life-threatening allergy (anaphylaxis) to the following foods:
▪ peanuts/products with peanuts in the ingredients
▪ tree nuts (e.g. almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pine nuts,pistachios, walnuts).
▪ kiwi
▪ soy
▪ egg
▪ fish, shellfish products and latex

To provide an “allergy-safe” environment for children at risk of anaphylaxis please avoid sending these foods to school. Any minimal contact with these foods and their derivatives may cause anaphylactic shock and unconsciousness within a matter of minutes. In such a case, the allergy may even cause the student’s death.

Because even the slightest residue and in some cases even the odor of these allergens may trigger a life-threatening reaction, we need to make the whole school as allergy safe as is practically possible. A “no sharing” policy of food, utensils, containers, straws, etc. is recommended for children with food allergies.

Cannabis and Smoke Free Policy
Sacred Heart Academy is a smoke-free and cannabis-free environment. This policy shall apply to staff, students, parents and visitors, and all school facilities, property, on and off school activities, programs and functions.

Vehicle Idling
All schools under the jurisdiction of NLESD are “Vehicle Idle Free Zones”. This policy aims to eliminate all unnecessary idling of vehicles and exposure to exhaust system emissions. This policy applies to all vehicles while on District property including, but not limited to, the following vehicles: parent, employee, student, vendor, contractor, private, commercial. It also applies to all District fleet, regardless of location.




Allocations are being finalized for this year and are not currently available. Please contact the School District for further details.

The following data is from PowerSchool information as entered by the school. The numbers indicate the number of students, unless otherwise noted. Only classes with 1 or more students will be listed.

K Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Total Students
55 41 47 51 42 36 48 44 364
Grade(s) PowerSchool Class Section Number Students in the Class
0 K KCAAM 19
0 K KCAPM 19
0 K KKRAM 17
0 K KKRPM 17
0 K KKYAM 19
0 K KKYPM 19
1 1 1CWAM 20
1 1 1CWPM 20
1 1 1RDAM 21
1 1 1RDPM 21
2 2 2JWAM 24
2 2 2JWPM 24
2 2 2LRAM 14
2 2 2LRPM 14
2 2 2MWAM 9
2 2 2MWPM 9
3 3 3CSAM 27
3 3 3CSPM 27
3 3 3MWAM 10
3 3 3MWPM 10
3 3 3SNAM 14
3 3 3SNPM 14
4 4 4EJAM 12
4 4 4EJPM 12
4 4 4JMAM 11
4 4 4JMPM 11
4 4 4NWAM 19
4 4 4NWPM 19
5 5 5EJAM 8
5 5 5EJPM 8
5 5 5JMAM 9
5 5 5JMPM 9
5 5 5SCAM 19
5 5 5SCPM 19
6 6 6ASAM 13
6 6 6ASPM 13
6 6 6GSAM 17
6 6 6GSPM 17
6 6 6HHAM 18
6 6 6HHPM 18
7 7 7AD 23
7 7 7AN 21

NOTE: Individual schools are responsible for keeping this information updated. If you have any questions regarding the school infomation posted to this page, please contact your local school administration.
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