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Student Transportation FAQ's
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How does the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District (NLESD or the District) determine who is eligible for student transportation?

The District is funded for student transportation through policies set out by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD). Student transportation is provided, free of charge, for those students living 1.6 kilometres or more from their zoned neighbourhood school.

How do I find my child's bus route and stop information?

Route information for each school can be found here on the NLESD website under the School Profile page on the School Directory. If you do not see your child's route information, please contact your school.

How do I register my child for student transportation?

When you register your child for school, she or he will be registered for student transportation. However, if your child is late registering, or you move throughout the school year, it could take several weeks to arrange transportation. Please be prepared to provide transportation for your child until busing can be arranged.

My child is going to Kindergarten. Is there anything special I should know?

Kindergarten students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when waiting for the bus. Likewise, a Kindergarten student will not be permitted to exit the bus at the end of the school day unless a parent or guardian is there to meet them. If a parent or guardian is not at the bus to meet a Kindergarten student, the driver will continue on with their run. Once the run is complete, the student will be returned to the school and the family will be contacted. Should this occur, parents are expected to make their own arrangements for pick-up.

I have chosen to send my child to a school other than our zoned school. Will transportation be provided?

Students attending a school other than their zoned neighbourhood school do not qualify for student transportation.

French Immersion is not available at my child's zoned school. Can I request busing to the nearest school offering French Immersion?

Students attending a school other than their zoned neighbourhood school do not qualify for student transportation, including those registered for French Immersion at another school.

I feel my child's designated stop is unsafe. How do I request a change in stop location?

The District takes the safety of our students very seriously and strives to ensure all bus stops are safe. Any safety concern should be directed to your local student transportation office. NLESD plans centralized bus stops.

NLESD ensures safe bus routes and bus stops, however, parents and guardians are ultimately responsible for the safety of students travel to and from bus stops. The safety of students rests with the parent or guardian until they are safely on the bus.

How far will my child have to walk to get the bus?

In general, NLESD plans bus stops to ensure students have to walk no more than 500 metres to their nearest stop. However, in some areas this distance may be longer if the bus is unable to safely access a closer stop.

I have concerns about the route my child must walk to get to school. Who should I contact regarding my concerns?

The NLESD ensures safe bus routes and bus stops, however, parents/guardians are ultimately responsible for the safety of students' travel to and from bus stops.

Concerns regarding safe walking routes in your community should be addressed with your municipality or the organization responsible for road maintenance in your community. You can also certainly advise your school or the District about such concerns for their information.

I have other children at home and cannot accompany my child to the bus. Can the bus make an extra stop at my house?

It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to get students safely to designated stops. These stops are chosen for a variety of safety and efficiency reasons. Extra stops cannot be added to accommodate individual families.

Why can't students eat or drink on the bus?

Eating and drinking on a school bus is a safety concern. It exposes other students to potential life-threatening allergens and poses a choking risk.

What is the seating capacity of a school bus?

A standard school bus has a seating capacity of 70 passengers. However, older students often find it difficult to travel at this capacity due to size restrictions. When planning routes, the NLESD uses the following DEECD determined funding guidelines for capacity:
  • Grades K-6: 70 Passengers
  • Grades K-12 (Mixed Load): 70 Passengers
  • Grades 7-12: 63 Passengers

My child goes to daycare after school and will need to take a different bus in the afternoon. How do I arrange busing to the daycare?

Students are eligible for student transportation based on their civic address, however, the NLESD recognizes that child care arrangements may require students to travel on alternate buses.

Students may apply for a courtesy seat on an alternate route provided:
  • The change is consistent 5 days a week;
  • The requested stop is pre-existing on an alternate route serviced by the school; and,
  • There is sufficient capacity on the bus.
Further details on courtesy seating and the application can be found here.

Public Student Transportation Inquiries / Requests / Concerns
For any public inquiries, requests, concerns or to report an incident, please complete the corresponding Public Inquiry Form for your region below and a District Representative will get back to you as soon as possible. To report an Emergency or a Bus Service Delay, please call:
  • Labrador Region
    Tel: (709) 896-6025 (Includes all of Labrador)

  • Western Region
    Tel: (709) 637-4040 (Ranges from Northern Peninsula to Southwest Coast to the Baie Verte Peninsula)

  • Central Region
    Tel: (709) 256-2547 Ext. 238 (Ranges from Badger to Arnold's Cove, including Bonavista and Burin Peninsulas)

  • Avalon Region
    Tel: (709) 757-4664 (All the Avalon Peninsula)

NLESD Busing Safety Video

Bus Route Information
Below is a complete list of all schools with bus routes and catchment map details. To view the latest Bus Route information for your school, click to open the list and select the bus route document to view. (Only schools with bus route documentation available will be listed.) If no bus route document is available, please contact the school or your regional office. To view a school profile page with complete school information including bus route information, click on the school name or check out the School Directory to select your school's profile page.

Open School Bus Route Documents

Below are schools with Bus Route Documentation in PDF format. Click on the View link to view Bus Route Documentation for the school. To view the school profile, click on the school name. For provincial geographic location of the commuinity, click on the Town/City link.

School Name
Bus Route Doc

School Catchment Zones
To view your school catchment, please open our School Catchment Viewer and enter your street address, town/city and search. (By default a list of results for your address will display as you type).

Busing Contractor Resources

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