Intensive Core French (ICF)
Welcome to the Intensive Core French (ICF) registration page.

Intensive Core French (ICF) is a method of organizing the Grade 6 curriculum so that students receive an increased amount of instruction in French for half of the school year. The program was introduced in 1998 to enhance the Core French program by creating a period of intensive exposure to French.

Online Registration
You will need the following in order to complete an online application:
  1. An email address in order to receive confirmation of receipt of your application;
  2. What school you are registering for;
  3. Contact phone number(s); and,
  4. An Internet-ready device
PLEASE NOTE: Families requiring assistance for any reason (for example, language barriers, learning disabilities, Internet access, technical support, etc.) may reach out to the administrator of your zoned school to arrange assistance. You are asked to reach out as soon as possible to make appropriate arrangements.

If you are registering more than one child or twins, there will be an option on the second page for you to continue to register a second child.

Start Your ICF Registration HERE

Please Note: The link above will take you to the registration form page. However, the Registration Form will not come active or be displayed until 9:00AM of the day of your scheduled registration day. This registration process is for children who will attend ICF in the upcoming school year.
Intensive Core French Inquiries
If you have any questions regarding the Intensive Core French program and registration process and details, please contact your zoned school administrator for assistance; or the District contacts below:

  • Gillian Blackmore (Program Specialist - French Programs)
    Tel: (709) 757-4625 · Email:
  • Jamie Coady (Director of Schools)
    Tel: (709) 757-4642 · Email:
  • District Office (Avalon) Tel: (709) 758-2372
If you experience TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES ONLY (Not registration information related) during the online registration process please contact:

95 Elizabeth Avenue
St. John's, NL · A1B 1R6
Tel: (709) 758-2372 · Fax: (709) 758-2706
95 Elizabeth Avenue
St. John's, NL · Canada · A1B 1R6
Tel: (709) 758-2372 · Fax: (709) 758-2706

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