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Please find below currently available substitute lists broken down by region/zone for:

Substitute Teacher Lists
Below you will find available Teaching Sub Lists broken down by region/zone. If an area has no positions listed, it will not be displayed.

Substitute TLA Lists
Below you will find available TLA (Teaching Learning Assistant) Sub Lists broken down by region/zone. If an area has no positions listed, it will not be displayed.


New teachers wishing to apply to work as a substitute in the 2018-2019 school year must have complete documents uploaded to their online profile prior to being approved. Incomplete documents will not be considered for approval. To get information on documents that must be submitted with your application click here.

Please be advised that beginning as of 2017-18 school year all substitutes wwere required to upload a New Police Records Check/Vulnerable Sector Query (valid within the past six months) for each year they apply to the substitute list.

Substitutes are advised that approvals are processed in a timely manner and the approval process usually takes one week, however from June to October there will be longer wait times due to seasonal high volumes. To be approved for the beginning of the school year, you are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Substitutes will be notified by email when they have been approved to the list. It is the responsibility of potential substitutes to ensure that their profiles are up to date and that they have properly applied to the appropriate region, school(s) and specialty for which they are qualified.


As of June, 2014 French Substitutes will not be required to complete a French Proficiency Interview. New applicants to the French Substitute Lists must meet the following requirements:

  • CORE FRENCH: BEd. (French Minor - 9 courses)
Previously interviewed substitutes who have been approved to the various levels of French will remain eligible to substitute in those areas.
Criminal Records Check/Vulnerable Sector Check FAQs for Substitute Teachers

  • Does a new substitute have to provide a current Criminal Records Check with a Vulnerable Sector Check?
    Yes. Anyone who applies as a substitute for September, and has not worked a day with the District in the previous year, is considered a new hire. They will need to upload a current Criminal Records Check with a Vulnerable Sector Check and mail the original to the regional Human Resources Office.

  • Does the presence of a criminal record or conviction automatically disqualify a substitute from employment?
    Not necessarily. Each situation will be assessed by the Human Resources Division.

  • How long is a Criminal Records Check valid for?
    The Criminal Records Check and Vulnerable Sector Check must be current - dated within six months of the date the application for employment is submitted. This can be verified from the date stamped by the RNC, RCMP, or other issuing police agency. Once reviewed, if the Criminal Records Check falls outside the time when the application is made, you will be informed that an updated one is required.

  • How will upgrading my qualifications impact my application for employment?
    If as a result of upgrading your qualifications, you can now apply to other substitute lists, you will not be required to provide another Criminal Records Check/Vulnerable Sector Check if the District already has a valid one on file. Please note, any new transcripts should be uploaded to your profile.

  • In the past, the District had a 6-month expiry time limit on Criminal Records Check with a Vulnerable Sector Check. Do substitutes have to continue to apply for these documents each year?
    No. These documents are only required at the time of application and, if they have already been reviewed and approved, they are good for the full school year, and subsequent years, as long as the employee is active the previous year and has not severed employment. Employees will only have to complete an "Online Criminal Offence Declaration" form each school year found on their online profile in Applicant Services.

  • If I already have a Criminal Records Check/Vulnerable Sector Check uploaded, do I need to get an updated one?
    If you were in a term/replacement/casual position at the end of the previous school year, and returned in the new school year, you do not have to provide a new Criminal Records Check/Vulnerable Sector Check, but you are required to complete an Online Criminal Offence Declaration for the current school year. If a substitute is not active in the previous school year, or severs employment, a new Criminal Records Check will be required.

  • How about waiving the fees for staff to get this record check done?
    The District does not compensate for these fees. Staff members are required to pay for this themselves.

  • Will you accept a Vulnerable Sector Check with another organization's name other than the District under the Reasons for the Consent?
    No. If the Vulnerable Sector Check was completed for another agency, it will not be accepted.

  • What happens if I am approved for the substitute list but after hire, I am the subject of a criminal investigation?
    In accordance with our policy, you must self-report to your supervisor immediately.

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Any questions or concerns relating to a profile should be directed to the proper contact(s) found under the Help menu above or your regional HR staff at the offices below:

Labrador Regional Office
Human Resources Division
Fax: (709) 896-5629
Western Regional Office
Human Resources Division
Fax: (709) 637-6674
Central Regional Office
Human Resources Division
Fax: (709) 651-3044
Avalon Regional Office
Human Resources Division
Fax: (709) 758-1052

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