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District Moving to Blended Learning Model for Most High School Students
Posted: April 13, 2021

High school teachers throughout Newfoundland and Labrador have been engaged in professional learning over the past two days to prepare for an enhanced ‘Scenario 2’ blended learning education delivery model for most high school students. The model, to be implemented Wednesday, April 14, is designed to maximize in-class instruction time while enabling a daily teacher-student connection.  

Details around Scenario 2 are outlined in the Department of Education’s K-12 Education Re-entry Plan, and operationalized through the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District’s A Safe Return to School Reopening Plan, both released prior to September 2020. Both plans have been impacted by changing Public Health recommendations, the latest of which can be viewed at Public Health Guidance for K-12 Schools (April 7). Under Scenario 2, students attend school on alternate days to reduce the number of students in class at one time. Those who are not physically in class on a given day will continue their learning from home. Scenario 2 has, however, been modified to allow the students at home to connect virtually with teachers and classmates for at least a portion of each class.

The District has been able to improve the Scenario 2 model to allow for a daily connection with each student, said Goronwy Price, Chair of the Board of Trustees for the English School District. That’s the ‘modified’ part of Scenario 2 - an enhanced virtual component which includes a direct daily connection between students and teachers, even if the student is not physically present.

This does not mean teachers will be juggling two different education delivery models each day, but rather one blended in-class/online education delivery model. There are different blended learning options and approaches within the model and teachers will have flexibility to determine what works best for their classrooms and subject areas. Meanwhile, online instruction will not continue as it did under the full-time Scenario 3 model. Therefore, students cannot opt to attend online only. In order for the blended learning model to be most effective, students must attend class when they are scheduled to do so. 

We have watched the Covid-19 situation evolve and the resulting Public Health recommendations change since the school year began, said Tony Stack, CEO/Director of Education. But one thing has remained consistent - our teachers’ ability to adjust and adapt to provide the best possible opportunities for students. We believe in-class instruction is the optimal learning environment for students, both for their academic success and their social-emotional well-being. Teachers will make this work - because they are professionals and that’s what they do. Meanwhile, District staff will be on hand to assist wherever necessary and we ask that people have patience and allow teachers and students to work through any early glitches, find their rhythm, and continue teaching and learning under these new circumstances.

The District expects most high school students will be learning under Scenario 2 for the foreseeable future, although some will continue full-time in-class instruction, due to smaller high school populations in some rural schools. Students in K-9 will remain in school full-time, unless Public Health recommendations dictate otherwise. 

For more information, including a Frequently Asked Questions document, see: Information for School Communities.

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