St. James Regional High School System

The Newfoundland and Labrador English School Board has tabled a notice of motion that would result in LeGallais Memorial closing June 2018 and students attending either St. James Elementary/High or Grandy’s River Collegiate, effective September 2018.

Members of the school community are asked to complete the feedback form below to provide their input to the Board of Trustees on the notice of motion.

1.  Please provide your name:

2.  Please provide a valid email address:

3.  What school does your child(ren) attend?
A.   Douglas Academy
B.   Grandy's River Collegiate
C.   LeGallais Memorial
D.   St. James Elementary
E.   St. James Regional High

4.  Do you support the notice of motion which would result in LeGallais Memorial closing and students attending either St. James Elementary/High or Grandy's River Collegiate, effective September 2018?
A.   Yes
B.   No

5.  Should LeGallais Memorial close, which school would you prefer students attend?
A.   Grandy's River Collegiate
B.   St. James Elementary/High

6.  Please use the space below if you wish to make any comments on the potential changes.

DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that information provided as part of this feedback survey is subject to the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPPA, 2015) and may potentially be shared with third parties upon request. Survey participants' personal information (i.e., name, e-mail address, or other identifying information) will not be shared with third parties.